2 x 8800gt or x2 6400+ and 1x 8800gt your opinion.

here's my rig. x2 5600+cpu, ati 2900 pro512 mb(xt bios), 2 gigs gskill 800Mhz 6400 ddr2, 320 gig hd sata2, vista 32-bit. 700 watt psu, gigabyte ga-m55sli nforce 4 motherboard. the max i've been able to pull in 3dmark06 with vista is 9991, under xp 10210. now im debating 5 options. :??:

1. get a q6600 quad and new motherboard but keep the 2900 pro
2. get a phenom 9850 quad and new motherboard but keep the 2900 pro
3.get a e8400 and new motherboard but keep the 2900 pro
4. keep the motherboard and get the x2 6400+ and an 8800gt
5.keep x2 5600+ and motherboard but sli 2 8800gt.

at the moment im limited to $400.00 for the upgade.
i'm tempted twards option 3 and 5
:( lol which way to go....
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  1. You should have an option that says: overclock current CPU to 6400+ speed.. That should be fine and let you use your cards more thoroughly for free :)


    Oh, I see you only have ONE 2900 :(
    In that case, still OC the 5600+ and maybe get two 9600gt's. That should do fine in 3dmark and give you a noticable boost in games..
  2. i would go with dual 9600. thats less then the 400

    sell the old card and cpu and use intel dual core clock it to 3.6ghz
  3. Or maybe you shouldn't worry about 3D Mark, and just enjoy playing games.
    IMO 2900(xt) is still a great card if you play at resolution up to 1600.

    Even if you get quad, or SLI you wouldn't beat world record :), and you would hardly notice improved gameplay at lower resolutions.

    Just save your money, because this year new cards from Nvidia and ATI should come out.
  4. Hmm...

    I never understood the rush to upgrade. You don't need to; rather, you to stop worrying about 3D Mark scores.

    Just use the computer and be satisfied with the performance you have right now. Throwing your money away on minor upgrades is ignorant purchasing, and a practice you should stray away.
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