My Computer Doesn't Have an Audible POST?

Hi I have a ASUS p5n-D mother board with a Antec 900 case and my computer works perfectly but i can't hear a post beep when I start it up?
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  1. no internal speaker plugged in?
  2. is it supposed to?? my bfg 680i does not make a sound.
  3. neither does my msi k9a2 platinum
  4. Well, you can tell if the speaker is plugged in if you hit SHIFT enough times to bring up the stickey keys menu. If it beeps, your speaker works and your board must not beep at all upon a startup. Mine does on my DS3 when I start it up.
  5. Well when I do sticky keys the noise comes out of my regular speakers. But is there a separate speaker that i can buy to put in my case so that i can hear a post so if something ever goes wrong i could know, because my antec 900 doesn't have an internal speaker that you plug in the motherboard.
  6. Using google came up with this one at PCLoft.

    This is just a Speaker from Radio Shack. $2.79 for an 8-0hm mini speaker 29 mm ( Approx 1.1 in). You would have to add a connector (or suitable female pins to it to connect to the mother board).

    I have a feeling that Newegg might have, but, if so it is buried as I could not locate and Google only came up with one source. They SHOULD NOT be so hard to locate.

    Do not know if a computer speaker is 4 ohm or 8 ohm. If unknown, pick higher ohm value
  7. Thanks!
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