Windows 7 install on Corsair SSD

Im currently building a new PC and am planning to install Windows 7 64-Bit on it.

I have a Corsair M64 SSD in it, and was wondering if I need to go through the process of Aligning the Partition before installing Windows 7 as decribed on the OCZ forums?

I have read on some other forums people saying Windows 7 aligns the partitions correctly on install for SSD's, but have also read in other posts that the standard alignment by Vista/W7 isn't optimised to give the best performance.

So if someone could shed some light on the subject for me would be greatly appriciated!
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  1. Just make sure and reflash the drive first with the newest firmware, it will make it minty fresh, 2nd you dont need to align the partition, win 7 does it just fine, third, read the tweak forums for windows 7 too ok, things like, disable prefetch, superfetch, defrag, windows search, you'll find a tweak tool that does most of it for you, SSD tweaker, Good luck, Shark
  2. Let Windows 7 handle it. Instructions from other manufacturers won't apply in this case for our SSDs.
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