8800 GT and Antec Smart Power 500 ?!?!? can they coincide ?

Hello I just purchased an evga 8800 GT 512mb Video card (after seeing it on sale at future shop for like $169) I have this running in an Antec 1050b case with 3 fans ,with an asus M2N-E Mobo, with 3 gigs of DDR2 running at 667mhz , 2x 320 gig HDs , 2 DVD burners and an Amd x2 4800@2.7 , with a SB A card , I also have about 6-7 different usb capable items (usb sticks , HD for back up and card reader ) Previously before this card I had an Asus 1950 Pro in the system for about a year with no problems. The question I have now will my antec Smart Power 500 be able to handle the strain of the new card ? I plan on throwing in another 500 gig HD in a couple of days and I dont want my HD to die on me and fry everything !! On my box of the 8800 GT it says that I need a 400 watt PS with a minimum of 26 amps on the +12 volt rail and on my ps its says that " +12v1 giving me 17a and +12v2 giving me 19a" can I combined these #S or do I need a new PS ? I was planing on getting one anywaz when I moved to a phenom after the price drop . Any help would be appreciated , i have included the link of my psu from the Antec website . Thank in advance !!!

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  1. That should work just fine. I entered your specs into the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator and it recommended a 400 Watt PSU with 24.3A on the 12 volt rails. As for calculating the amps on your psu's 12 volt rails, I'm not sure how but it's usually 3 or 4 amps less than the combined total, in this case 36A so it probably has closer to 32A, which is plenty for your current setup.
    Hope this helps =)
  2. That should be fine you don't actually nedd 26amps anyway and That psu has more than enough amps for it
  3. You have a combined 25 amps on the 12v rails.
    Smart Power is a crappy PSU. Smart Power 2 is better.
    You only need 20 amps with your system.
    26 amps is like the maximum.
  4. ^ Yeah, I second that 25 amp combined rating for that SP2 500W PSU. It's alot lower than the seasonic made Earthwatts 500w. But you should be fine with it on your system if you were able to run the X1950 pro with it (ATI recommends 30 amps for that one).
  5. so even if i add the extra Hd there is no problem ? and the phenom later this summer ? is there an antec PS that you guys would suggest ?
  6. The more you add, the more chance you will have a stability issue. As it is the 8800GT won't consume more than the X1950 pro. The Antec Earthwatts are excellent power supplies for single GPU systems. The 430W provides 30 amps 12v, while the 500W provides 34 amps. If you want to leave room for a dual GPU setup, then the True Power Trios (also made by seasonic) are a decent option. I am running an OC'ed Q6600 and two 8800GT cards with the 550W version I had already. It's been completely stable, although for SLI I would have bought the 650W version had I needed to buy.

    No rebates now so not as great pricing as other weeks. Sometimes after $30-40 rebate these things are nice and cheap.

    EA 500W
    or same in a quiet sonata III case for $110 shipped

    430W version $55 shipped:

    $100 shipped for the TP3 650W is a decent no rebate price:
  7. Ok Im going to check out the earthwatts 650 , im in Canada and here on my end its like $98.70 so ill get this after i get my HD and my phenom , do you know if the cabling is modular ? or if they have a Modular model ? thats one of the thing i like about my PS now i dont have to put in the extra cables.
  8. The EA500 w/Sonata case is a good buy. That's what I got for my build.
  9. Sonata is to small and plus i already have an antec 1050B
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