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I need to get my computer repaired and I'm wondering if I can get some ideas on how to pick out the right place...

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I go to some of the websites for places around here, and there isnt much in depth talk about hardware problems and whatnot. Just a lot of business calls and networking repair problems, things like that.

Should I look for a place that specializes in hardware repairs that might seem to know more about computers? Is there any trick to picking out the right place?

I have to say, my computer has had everything replaced but memory and the HDD and I still have low framerates and bad stuttering on any intensive media/games.
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  1. Without knowing where in the world you live, I would suggest that a one-man-band PC Fixer working from a part of his or her home would be less expensive than someone with premises to pay for and support. If such things as Pink or Yellow Pages books exist in your area, check the associated websites because comments and recommendations made there could help you find the right one for you.

    That said, if everything has been replaced, maybe the memory settings are incorrect. How is the system using the RAM? How much RAM do you have and hwhat isthe size of the flie pagefile.sys? You will find that in the root of C:\ if you tick to "show hidden files and folders" and untick "Hide Protected System Files" in My Computer>C:\Tools>Folder Options menu>View tab.
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