250G ntfs corrupt ,no virus,surface 100% ok,whats wrong

i have a 14mth old maxstor stm 3250310AS 250G drive on my XP SP2

working fine & all of a sudden i get chkdsk complaining on xp bootup of ntfs probs ,

& finally chkdsk itself terminates with 'unspecified error'

seatools for dos & spinrite(dos) can find anything wrong with disk,

even after 15hr burn in.

my pc is multiboot so to rule out malware/virus i booted into another windows xp

on a differnt disk & formated & copy files to 250G drive from there.

same problem, 250g drive ntfs gets corrupted

did memtest86,all ok. what could be wrong? thx
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  1. Hi nokreg, maybe your boot record was corrupted? Have you tried repairing your XP installation?
  2. reformat the disk, if it resumes problematic operation, fling it
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