nVidia 7950Gt low power damage?

Ok here is the problem

"Steve" was getting a message when he booted that says "Error graphics card is not connected to the psu"

"Steve" has tried installing a molex to pci-e adapter to fix the problem but now he gets these problem

his computer lag's and goes black whenever he try's playing games e.g cod 4

Is it possible for a graphic card to be damaged by not being plugged into the psu? From my experience I think "Steve"has spiked the graphics card by not wearing a anti-static band while installing it?

but what do your guys think a possible cause of this maybe

Regards Andrew

btw the psu is a 750watt Zalman
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  1. too weak power supply
  2. I forgot to say that the psu is a 750watt Zalman psu
  3. Hmm, Maybe you should try your video card on a different setup.
  4. I have and the same problem occurs meaning it must be a video fault
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