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When I boot my pc, it says that Floppy disk fails(40), then Press F1 to resume. When I press F1 it keeps on restarting. I can't even see the Windows XP loading. Help me please
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  1. Your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is set to boot from the floppy drive.
    You need to change this to boot from hard disk.

    Press the correct key to enter the BIOS setup program when the computer is first turned on.
    The screen might show which key to to press to enter setup.

    If the screen doesn't show that information, you'll need to try various keys to find this yourself.

    Start with the Delete key, if no, then the F2 key, then the F12 key. etc. It will be a function key or Delete, or Escape usually.

    If you just can't find the correct key to enter setup, return here with the make & model of the computer and we'll try to get that information for you.
  2. I already fixed that floppy disk fails.. But when I press F1 to resume, it keeps on restarting! Do i need to reformat it?
  3. Format is to erase, make clean, like new again, no data, no windows, no games, no porno, nothing.

    You must state computer make & model for this problem to be understood.
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