i have a WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR SE 250GB and i can not install the os WINDOWS XP SP2, because when i do so the pc would work just fine for a couple of days but then, without any reason, would not boot, giving me the start in safe mode screen, which is useless because after that there is no way of starting windows again.i´ve installed several times and it keeps always happening.i use the hd to store docs, so it means that it´s working fine but it´s impossible to work as the main hd with os.i had a virus before but i formatted the hd.what could be happening? is it the hard disk boot system corrupted? can somebody help me restore life to my hd. ps- im new here (and im portuguese ) so pardon my bad english.
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  1. Well you're first problem is that the drive is a Western Digital :P It may just be me, but everytime I've bought a Western Digital drive, they die on me in a year or so. Actually, the Western Digital that came in my TiVo Series 3 died on me this past weekend. It's not even 2 years old yet. I'd chkdsk the drive using another computer and see if Windows finds any bad sectors on the drive. You could also try going to Western Digital's website and see if they have any hard drive diagnostic software for download to test the drive.
  2. thanks arson...after the diagnostic software from wd website the conclusion was bad sectors.there is a way of restoring the hd back to normal or is useless?
  3. A check disk, or "error checking" as it's called in Windows, can be ran and set to repair and fix bad sectors so that the drive is useful again. Bad sectors are many times a sign of a failing drive, but don't always mean so. I'd run a check disk on the drive and then use it for random things for a few months and see how it fairs. Also, if the drive is under warranty, you could probably get it replaced under warranty for bad sectors.
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