Need Help with a stupid question...

*edited found out the P6T (non-deluxe) has a SAS plug, but still have a problem*

my question is.... I have the Fujitsu SAS hdd and have it plugged into the SAS (little orange box) plug, but my HDD doesnt show up in my bios nor my device manager..... The hdd is running and theres a little light on it thats on, but my computer isnt showing it anywhere... so please if someone could point me in the right direction....

my HDD is in the link: (didnt buy it from there though)

and my power/connector cable is here:

sorry cant figure the URL thing out....and im completely at loss with HDD's...
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  1. you can not plug a sata cable into an ide port it will not fit, that's like plugging an usb into a parallel port it's not gonna happen

    yes you will need a sas adapter card, sas not scsi.

    send the drive back and get a caviar black

    to paste a url right click to copy from the address bar and then paste it where you want it
  2. thanks for the for the quick short and idiot proof response, but i found out the ASUS P6T has 2 orange ports that were made for SAS and yet i still get nothing......... well hopefully i will find out a solution other than buying a $50+ adapter card....
  3. deluxe has sas, not standard p6t

    sas is not for desktop use at this point in time, you are creating problems for yourself which will not show any appreciable gains for the effort
  4. ah i see...

    thanks for helping i think this thread is done now...
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