Intel core 2 duo E6300 should I overclock?

Hello, I've read here that the Intel core 2 duo E6300 is very easely overclockable Cpu with low risk of damage.,1516-3.html

Since my Pc is working with a E6300 I wanted to ask you for your opinion weather I should overclock it or not.

You have to know that my Pc is already more than 2 years old and that I want to use it for at least 1.5 years more main use is gaming.

My power supply unit started burning 1 month ago so I have a new one now, but don't want to increase Voltage to much because I don't want it to burn again.

Up to now I didn't overclock any part of my pc. I don't have any overclocking experiences

Info about my System:

Mainboard: ASUSTeKComputer INC. p5b
Bios: American megatrends inc. version: 0701 (10/2/06)

Cpu: Intel core 2 duo E6300

Ram: Kingston ValueRAM, 2x2GB Kit, DDR2-800, CL5 brandnew

(Graphic card: Geforce 7900 gs don't want to overclock the graphic card).

I would be very satisfied with 2.4 Mghz

If you need any more information please ask for it.
Thank you for you time and sorry for my bad english
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  1. You should be able to get 2.4 ghz fairly easily.
    You'll most likely have to raise to vcore a bit, just make sure not to raise it too much, just a little bit at a time until your computer is stable.

    And your English is better than alot of Americans :D
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