Solid State Disk in PCIe Slots: Worth it?

Aside from the whopping prices ($1,500 for a 450GB SSD?!?) and the need to use up valuable expansion space, are there any other issues that make PCIe-based SSDs incompatible for the prosumer/enthusiast market?

(It would be nice to have a 450GB SSD though, I can only imagine how fast loading times would be!)
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  1. Sure, maybe in a few years most PCs ship with a small PCI-express card with flash chips, instead of a SATA-connected SSD. What is 300MB/s if you can have 8000MB/s bandwidth? Even better, this bandwidth is full-duplex!

    The only real issue is that you need a driver, and you need "interrupt 19 capture" BIOS-support. Also note that operating systems like Windows and applications running on Windows, are not designed with working with parallel storage media like SSDs. The operating system is optimizing the I/O to be more contiguous, but this only hurts performance for modern SSDs.
  2. Ok, you lost at interrupt 19 capture! :lol: Basically, this means looking for something saying IRQ 19 or INT 19 in my BIOS menu?

    And 8GB/s sounds very sweet. I imagine this forum getting hit with questions from video editors and DAW users when they can't get their PCI SSDs working properly :P
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