How to set additional SATA HDD on SATA 5,6 with RAID 0+1 ona SATA 1,2,

I've set RAID 0+1 on mainboard MSI K9N2 Diamond (HDDs connected to SATA 1,2,3,4)
Now I wanted to connect additional two SATA HDDs with SATA 5 and 6.
RAID bios (nvidia) recognize all 6 HDDs (so i've created RAID 0+1 with 4 HDDs
and left 2 on the list for non-Raid).
System sees RAID 0+1, and 0.5 , 0.6
After instalation, WIN VISTA 64 on RAID this 2 HDDs are marked as working but not recognized as HDDs
Instalation of any drivers from MSI doesnt help
Any suggestions?
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  1. Go in your BIOS and set SATA port 5/6 to AHCI and not as RAID-mode.
  2. thanks, but there is no such option in bios
    (to set each port in different mode)
  3. Not each port, its usually a setting which seperates ports 1-4 and ports 5-6. For example:

    Serial ATA ports [0,1,2,3] mode: [disabled/ide/ahci/raid]
    Serial ATA ports [4,5] mode: [As SATA type / AHCI]

    Post a screenshot of your BIOS, with serial ata transfer mode included. Its different from the boot order, it should be somewhere in advanced features, onboard devices or chipset features, etc.
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