I am noob need help overclocking e7200

I just got a new DIY. I did not build this yet but waiting for it to ship. Anyways here is the specs:

MSI P45-8D LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
4 gb ram 667mhz

Now the e7200 is by default is 2.53ghz. I read the topic of getting a 4ghz cpu for under 120 dollars but I'm still confused.

I only want to get a safe over clock speed with stock hsf. I want to go from 2.53ghz to 3.16ghz. So this is how you overclock 2.53ghz to 3.16ghz right? :

266 fsb x 9.5 m = 2.53ghz (default)

Increase the FSB ONLY and leave the multiplier alone

333 fsb x 9.5 m = 3.16ghz

So if I did just that (increase the fsb from 266, to 333) my cpu would be 3.16ghz correct? That's all I have to do in order to get that clock speed? What about my ram? I don't want my ram frying up or anything... I wouldn't mind if my memory stayed at 667, but will doing this hurt my memory or increase it too much?

Lastly this is all I have to do right? (just increase fsb from 266mhz to 333mhz) I mean do I really have to adjust anything else like the multiplier, voltage, and memory dividers?
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  1. i have no experiance with overclocking intel CPUs, but im pretty good at overclocking my Athlon black edition so i will do my best to help.

    ok, your calculations are correct with the fsb x multiplier.
    your ram wont fry, thats not that large of an OC anyways. once you bootup with that OCed setting, run some stress tests like prime95 or Orthos Core for an hour or so to determine stability. if it isnt stable, increase FSB voltage slightly and continue testing. if it is stable, then you can try increasing the FSB even more. best to keep voltages as low as possible though. temperatures rise quickly with the voltage increases;)

    hope i helped some
  2. I'm running an ASUS P5K SE/EPU, E7300, DDR2-800 2x1GB Corsair XMS2.

    I'm running a multiplier of 8, FSB 420x4 1680, Ram at 840, stock timings. Stock cooler, temp never above 65 with hours of Prime95. CPU at 3.36Ghz.

    Hope that helps.
  3. You might google "overclock e7200" and see what you get. There is also sticky threads at the top of this forum that deal with overclocking.

    Your answer to your own question is correct- leave your CPU at its stock multiplier, increase the fsb to 333 and your cpu will be at 3.16GHz. You also want to watch the cpu voltage, it might need to be increased.

    As for RAM, there is a multiplier for the ram also. Assuming you are using 800MHz DDR2 ram, and a fsb of 333, you set the multiplier for the ram at a maximum of 5:6 (or 6:5, I forget).
  4. Oh, I forgot to add- I just got a new CAD workstation for my office using the E8500 processor. The E8500 has the same 9.5 multiplier as the E7200, and its stock speed is FSB of 333 and core speed of 3.16GHz. Mine came set to 1.25v. I upped the fsb to 400 and it worked great.
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