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I wasn't sure whether to post this under windows 7 or storage, but I'm having problems installing Windows 7 RC on my new ssd. It's a 32Gb PQI S525 SATA II drive. I'm upgrading the hard disk on my Acer 5520. It had a SATA I 160Gb drive originally. I assumed the SSD would work since it's identified by the bios, but it doesn't show up as an option when I go to install windows 7. I don't think it's a SATA drivers controller issue because I'm able to install to the old drive no problems. I thought SATA was backwards compatible? Also, I went to the restore options on the windows 7 install and it showed up as drive C: there. I would appreciate any adice. Thanks in advance.

BTW, it's an nvidia chipset, but I don't think that's the issue.
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  1. Hmmm, interesting issue. Windows 7 should allow itself to be installed on the 32GB, since the minimum is 16GB. Are you able to try the SSD on another computer, like say, a desktop? If it works there, these are possible causes: faulty SATA cable or incompatibility between the BIOS and the drive. Keep us updated!
  2. Try a different port set it to be the main HDD in bios and boot CD 1st and make sure this HDD is 2nd boot device in bios. Since your board is Sata 1 a SSD isnt gonna improve anything. I tried one on a sata 1 and my transfer speeds didnt improve hardly any.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I got it to work but I'm not sure how to be honest. I had to reinstall windows 7 32 bit edition on my old hard drive so that I could flash the bios with a 32 bit app and driver that wouldn't work on 64 bit windows. After I upgraded the bios windows 7 install still didn't recognize the drive, so I hooked the drive up by usb and played around with it using a copy of Accronis TI and made it bootable with accronis. I reinstalled it in the computer, but it was still unrecognizable by windows. Then I let it boot into accronis TI off the drive and reformatted it again using accronis out of desperation. Somehow that worked even though I had formatted it multiple times with the windows format utility. Perhaps that did something to the MBR that the windows format utility wouldn't? I'm not sure but all of a sudden it worked when I ram the windows 7 install. I'm using it right now. Daship, you were right about it not being that much better. Had I realized that this laptop is only SATA I I'm not sure I would have bothered. It is really nice having a silent drive though. It only cost me 85 dollars and the silence is worth that alone. It is slightly faster than the old 5400 drive here and there. I have 4 gigs of ram which made a much bigger improvement in speed from the original 1 gig than the SSD did. Hopefully I'll see at least a modest gain in battery life. Thanks for the advice.
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