Hearing a loud alarm when trying to boot on a x38, please help.

I'm hearing a loud alarm when i try to boot up my computer, along with getting a "boot disk failure, I'm very helpless right now as the manual offers nothing and i have tried a few different options
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  1. Sounds like your hard drive has either failed or one of the leads to it has fallen loose. Check the wiring to make sure everything is connected correctly. Also check the BIOS to make sure the hard drive is listed as the first disk in the boot priority column.
  2. Make sure the boot priority in the bios is set to look for it. Check power and data cables to drive and motherboard. Is this on a new install or did it suddenly start happening?
  3. You're gonna need tech support. If it's a RAID system don't forget that the Raid controller needs to be on. If it's a SATA drive, make sure that SATA port 0 or SATA drive 0 is turnd ON in the Bios, and the others that have no drive plugged into them are turned off. Make sure you disconnect all external flash drives and hard drives. Take any disks out of the cd drives. If it's still unbootable and you have windows vista you can try windows startup repair from the windows recovery environment.
  4. wow, you guys are awsome, thank you very much, i will update you shortly

    vista just installed, i don't know exact time, it must have been aroound 15-20 mins, i will change the cable and do what scottUT said
  5. where do i see this SATA port 0?
  6. I noticed that the system seems to think i have a floppy drive, the BIOS seems to think something like that too
  7. what is your system setup? mobo process ram and vid card, it would be helpful
  8. 8800gts 512, e8400 wolfdale, g skill pc2 8500 4 gigs 2 x 2 gigs, x38 abit mobo
  9. hmmm, i took the mobo to some very good technical guys who may have encountered the problem

    I'm almost postive that the temperature sensor on the mobo chipset is buggy, it read at 261 degrees at one point but was very cool to the touch

    that is probably the alarm, everything else is working just fine, i may just turn it off and leave it at that
  10. Running the latest BIOS?

    Can you describe the alarm?
    if it's a hi low siren that is usually either a fan rpm, temp or voltage outside th eset warning parameters.
  11. yep, its the alarm for the chipset im positive, it's very buggy, the heatsink is cool to the touch

    if everything is running stable I'm just going to install a small fan next to the chipset and keep the board, i really don't feel like RMAing the thing

    abit customer service isn't the greatest, I'll call them tomorrow and see if they have any advice
  12. there is no temp sensor for the chipset, it is something else.

    there is a 13 beta BIOS available if you don't mind running betas (at your own risk).
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