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Hello I'm new here so I hope I am posting this question in the correct location.

I'm a novice with computers, and I really need some help. I presently have a Dell product that I use as a home/ office and multi player online games computer. I really want to be more of a challenge with the gaming so I would appreciate assistance with choosing the best set up between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars. My local computer store recomended the following set up to handle multi person online gaming:

Intel Manufacuted 975 XBX2 motherboard/800 bus
Intel core 2 quad 2.66 processer
4GB DDR2 memory/800
150 GB 10000 rpm
GE Force 9800 GTX 512 mb
20x Dual layer dvdrw
Vista home edition
Sigmatel audio
tv tuner card
air cooled with two fans

I want to be competitive with the games so would this be a very good setup or should I change certain components for better gaming.

My computer guy is trustworthy, and very decent, but I know he doesn't do online gaming so I really need your assistance. Is this the setup for me.

Thanks in advance
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    sry to say but hes doing his job....getting money

    The 975 board is old and outdated. Its 800 FSB will limit ur processor. Get a good P35 board. Are you going to overclock?

    Also, im assuming that processor is the Q6700, but idk. The Q6600 is just as good and half the price.

    The hard drive is a raptor. Now here ull get totally mixed reviews on it, but truthfully its a waste of money. New larger drives cost the same and perform just about the same. The WD 640AAKS is great.

    For the GPU, get an 8800 GTS 512. The 9800 GTX is the same thing but has slightly higher clocks. (nothing a little OCing cant fix)

    audio cards are sort of useless unless ur a crazy audiophile. Save some money and use onboard audio.

    And the TV Tuner idk. Why would u need tv for playing games :kaola:
  2. I totally agree with every point in Silverion's post.

    It must be a kentsfield Q6700 and not the better/newer Yorkfield Q9450. According to the CPU support list, 975X chipsets don't support Yorkfields).

    Get a P35 motherboard, either a Wolfdale or Yorkfield CPU if you can... OC a Q6600 if you can't, a WD 640GB hard drive, drop the audio card (unless you have REALLY good speakers), and drop the TV tuner. What power supply is your 'computer guy' offering in this setup?
  3. Silverion,

    Thank you for the response. I don't know what overclock means, and I wouldn't know how to do it. Is this something to have the builder do?


    Thanks for the reply. Please explain what is oc a 6600? The builder is off today but I will question the power supply tomorrow. What size power supply should I have?

    I'am sorry to ask what might appear to you guys as dumb questions, but if I'm going to spend this amount of money I want a kick ass computer.

    Do you feel I should install Vista or Windows XP Professional?

    Thanks again
  4. I also agree with Silverion.
    The quality of the PSU is far more important than its size. Your system should be fine with a good one in the 450W-550W range. Let us know what brands and models he offers.
    oc = overclock. You won't be doing it, at least not until you feel comfortable with it, and there is no reason to ask the builder to do it. He'll charge a premium price for that service, and the parts you're buying are of sufficient quality that you shouldn't HAVE to do it to get decent performance.
    Unless you know the games you want to play will run on Vista, get XP. Two GB of RAM should be sufficient, and you won't see more than about 3.2MB of it anyway unless you use a 64bit version of whichever OS you choose.
  5. You say WD 640 hard drive in what rpm do you suggest?

    Do you think it will run faster than the 10000 rpm?

    If you have any other ideas that I should change to make it a fast system please advise.

    Thank you
  6. The WD 640GB is a 7200rpm drive. However, since the platters of this drive are so much more dense than those of a 10000rpm raptor (I believe it has two 320GB platters compared to the raptor's two 80GB platters), the WD is as fast, or maybe faster. Car analogy: Think of density like this, it takes you less time to drive a Honda Accord one block than it takes a Ferrari to drive across town. Back when all other drives had platters with similar density to the raptor, it was king.

    Then there's the price per GB. The WD 640GB is $130 while the raptor 150GB is $170. You get over 4x the storage for less.

    Then there's acoustics. Raptors are very noisy.
  7. Just so I understand and can speak intelligently with the builder can you please tell me exactly what you would use by name, manufacturer, brand, size, speed and anything else that can help me make the correct decision. Thanks
    1). P35 motherboard brand, size, model number speed?
    3).Processer i'm lost on this one please help
    4) Memory DDR2 or 3?
    5) one or two fans and manufacturer?
    6) which gaming keyboard and mouse would you recomend?
    7). he is using a 10/100/10000 intl nic good or bad I have no clue?

    They are also using a ATX mid tower case 550/ clear ps- is this good ?

    I do like the GE Force 8800 GTS
    I will also go with the WD 640 aaks hard drive

    Thanks again I'm closer now then I was a few days ago I just need to fine tune my order. I really appreciate your help.
  8. Any body please

    Where is Silverion and rwpritchett when you need them lol.
  9. TTT Can't anyone help with some valuable info I want to put together and order. TY
  10. Im here Im here!!!!!

    1) Brands that are good are Gigabyte, Asus, and Abit. They all have different price ranges with different things. more sata ports, cooling, extras like that. Theyre all 1066/1333 FSB. Depending on budget look at the Gigabyte P35-DS3L or Asus P5K-E

    2) Just get a good brand....if u can update what he has i can tell u. Corsair is good.

    3) Get a Q6600 2.4 if you want a quad

    4) DDR2...DDR3 is a slly waste of money stm

    5) Fans are fans....scythe, silverstone are good....any large manufacture is fine. Other than that its decibels and the air it pushes

    6) Mouse is all personal. Choose one that fits comfortable. Try them out at stores. Logitech and Razer are the most popular. Higher DPI means the faster it moves but dont get something crazy. Mine goes up to 3,200 but play at about 2200. Get one with 5+ buttons. Keyboard....dont need anything crazy....just backlite if you want to play in the dark (Saitek Eclipse)

    7) I take it thats a network card.....most motherboard comes with a network adapter on the back. All P35s do
  11. Silverion,
    Thank you. Is there a specific manufacturer for the 4gb memory? If you could specify I would appreciate it.
  12. Hello mike06.........Crucial Ballastix and Corsair are good RAM brands.

    Are you buying the hardware online and getting the "comp guy" later to install it for you... or are you getting all the stuff from the local comp store you mentioned?
  13. I hope that I can purchase the components online and I would pay him to build it. If this wasn't acceptable to him which I would understand then I would have him build it to my specs. That is one reason I'm doing my homework here because I know he isn't a big gamer so he may not be up to date with the lastest gaming systems.
    Thanks for all replies.
  14. you can put it together yourself and save some more money...
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