BLACK SCREEN Blinking CURSOR/cant start Windows HELP!

Hi I'm Daniel!

3 days ago i bought a software program to my music computer (Auto-tune) and had to connect to the internet to activate it. I haven't been connected to the internet or done any updates for windows for a very long time. I would say I haven't done updates for about 4-6 months since I only connect to Internet when i really need to.

Anyway to problem...

I saw that windows had some updates when i was about to restart it, and when i did, all that happened is:

First I see the company logo and some other screens (some ASUS pro5 motherboard logo and such)
And when i come to the black screen with the blinking cursor in the top left corner... it's stuck..

* What i can do though is when it gets stuck i can press CTRL-ALT-DELETE, which loops the whole restarting process.
* I can enter boot settings when pressing F8 (I get 3 options, Floppy Disc, Some SATA thing, and the CD/ROM) I tried all these, nothing works, keep ending up on the same black screen with the blinking cursor. Can't seem to get into SAFE-MODE either.
* I can enter BIOS setting by pressing DEL

I did some research over the internet and what i tried was:

* Restarted it a couple times
* Waited 24 hours
* Removed all unnecessary USB connections (Kept only Screens, keyboard, mouse, ...tried a couple times without mouse too)
* Changed the BIOS settings to default (Have never changed them before though)
* Tried the VISTA repair disc. I tried Startup Repair, (didn't find any problems)
and System Restore to point I knew i worked (It said it was sucessfull, but no success though, got stuck at the same place with the blinking cursor thing)

I have no idea what the problem is, feels like i have tried everything. Read that it could be the hard-drive but the repair disc seems to find it so I don't think that's the problem.
I had some problems with it before though, had some freezing periods which I also did some research on and it looked like my motherboard wasn't so happy. But it hasn't happened for a long time but i don't know, could be one problem too.

Please help me i really need it to work i had some important files that I didn't backup.

I got Windows Vista 32bit btw

Thx in advance
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    Went into the ''Command Prompt'' tool and typed in first bootrec /fixmbr (didnt work) and then bootrec /fixboot which solved the problem!

    Thank god for all the guides on the web! can't give you the sites cause i need more posts but if you got a similar problem try this out!

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