Stock intel cooler overclock on E7200

Would it be safe for me to oc my E7200 with the intel stock HSF it came with (To about 3 Ghz or more)?

Im running Vista home premium sp1
DFI lanparty x38
Ocz 2gb pc2 6400 RAM
Radeon X1950xtx
Corsair 750TX psu
Antec 900 Fans on Medium

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  1. i ran mine to 3.4 with stock fan and had no problems
  2. Just keep an eye on the temps, try not to exceed 60-65 under load and youre safe
  3. ^+1 For just checking the temps, the Antec 900 is VERY good with circulation so you shouldn't have a problem.

    Use a program like Realtemp, as it measures the temps on a 45nm better than most other sensor programs.
  4. ok thanks for the replies! ill make sure to use your advice!
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