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Hi all,

My 1.5Tb seems to be giving issues. Two folders containing about 700gig shows up as empty all of a sudden. When I double click on them, the "Do you want to format" window comes up.

Under My Computer the drive shows as 100% full as it was before this problem started.

What can I do to fix it?
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  1. Hi kiepie, what hard disk are you using? Also, I don't understand why the "do you want to format" message comes up when you try accessing either folder. It usually should return a "cannot read" message or something similar. Did you do anything special with your 1.5TB hard disk?
  2. right click on the drive ,properties/tools,check the volume for errors,could also check for bad sectors etc..:)
  3. Looks like the whole drive stopped working now. It shows up as a hard drive in My Computer, but shows a 0KB.
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