Lag when gaming ONLINE!

Hi there, here again with this weird problem since i bought this product :

i've been having spikes when gaming online and this has never happened before when i was using a Linksys
so im pretty sure it has something to do with my device meaning my wireless card as u can see i decided to take some pictures of my device so u can have an idea and explain me how to fix this problem because im really pissed about this to be honest its almost impossible to play online so i would really appreciate if u guys help me out with this and also take a look at the advanced option of my belkin where it says property and value i think there is the problem.
Giving some information :
im using microsoft windows xp professional SP3
so please lets try to fix this maybe u guys can help me cuz my post is similar to this one :

My problem is the same to that post, i hope u guys can help me otherwise i dont know what else to do THANK YOU. have a wonderful weekend.
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  1. What router are you using? Maybe there's a pre-existing conflict between your WiFi adapter and router.
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