Bios losing clock speed on power-off

I have an ASROCK K7S8XE mobo running AMIBIOS 3.31a, I think. Processor is an AMD 2.6G. Machine has been running fine for ages but yesterday it booted up with totally the wrong clock speed.

Motherboard jumpers are set to 166MHZ which it has been running at for years but now it is booting up with 100MHZ, making the machine fall over.

If you clear the bios, it boots up with 166 but as soon as you reboot, it back to 100.......

Tried changing the mobo battery, no help.

I am lost. Any help appreciated.
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  1. are your jumpers dusty??

    sounds like there is something wrong with your jumpers. try a different jumper in the same spot.
  2. do that, and go ahead and flash your bios again, either with a new or same version.
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