is that possible to configure raid with two pata drives only
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  1. I don't see why not. It's just a difference of the connection and the connection's capability. To the computer your PATA drives are essentially just like any other.

    I mean, if RAID can be built with USB floppy drives, why not with PATA drives?
  2. Yes you can configure PATA drives in a RAID array. RAID existed long before SATA drives were invented.

    Of course, this also depends on the RAID controller itself. Are you using onboard mobo RAID or a hardware controller card?

    List your system specs.
  3. He probably means on the chipset-delivered PATA ports. nVidia did allow both PATA and SATA drives to combine in their "MediaShield" onboard RAID drivers/firmware. Most new motherboards only support RAID on the SATA im afraid. If you do not need to boot from it, or want to create a RAID1, you can often use Software RAID as an alternative. Even in Windows software RAID0/1 works aright, performance is good. :)
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