4gb ram upgrade , insane or what ? need help here..

i intended to upgrade from 2gb to 4gb high performance ram

my pc running in :-

mobo - gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H

Ram - OCZ 2 reaper dual channel 2gb pc800 ddr2

pro - amd athlon 64 X2 s940 am2 3.0 ghz

would it effect my cpu clock when upgraded ?

need some advise and review/comment , tq
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  1. I personally found my RAM needs a lot more voltage and overclocks a lot less willingly when I have 4GB of it in there, but it depends on how you're getting that CPU clock. I mean if your FSB is such that you could underclock your RAM to sync with it or only slightly overclock your RAM, it shouldn't be a problem, although if I install 4 GB of my current RAM (OCZ Platinum XTC DDR2 PC6400 blah blah blah) it can barely clock past 830MHz.
  2. well demonic , how actually i could configure the front side bus to sync with the 4gb ram ?

    lol , me bit foncused with this over/under clock **** though ;p

    mind give some few pointers ? tq
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