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OK here is the problem:
I had an HP Pavilion 1642x and wanted to upgrade. So I first started by getting a new case. I switched out all of my hardware and had ALMOST no issues. All of my USB ports work fine. So I plugged in my USB wireless adapter and was not working. It was saying it was an unknown device.

Then I figured it was malfunctioning so I plugged strait into the Cable modem and it was finding an "Unidentified Network" and was not connecting to the internet still. I did modem restarts and had no luck. I am on another computer now connected to that modem. So I know there is no issue with that.

I reset IP and and did a couple other resets in dos that I was instructed to do from someone much more computer Savvy than I. I went out and bought a network card, and had the same issue as the one on the motherboard.

Thanks for any help, I hope I can get this resolved. I really dont want it to be my motherboard, and have to spend 100 bucks on that plus buying Vista...

I also have posted this thread in the Networking section, because I do not know which area the problem can be in.

Moderators feel free to delete one of my posts if you feel it is in the wrong section.
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  1. If there is any information I am not giving that makes this tough to figure out, please let me know.
  2. Can you describe in detail exactly what you did in this process: "So I first started by getting a new case. I switched out all of my hardware and had ALMOST no issues. " For example, did you also use a new power supply or anything else new besides just the case?
    If not, then it's likely some cable or other connection came loose when you transferred the parts over, or you didn't re-assemble the system quite correctly (perhaps forgot a connection?), or perhaps installed it wrongly in the new case. For example, it's important to correctly mount the motherboard away from the case wall; the case should come with little brass standoffs (with a thread on one end and threaded hole on the other end, maybe 1 cm long). You need to screw a standoff into the case wall everywhere there is a matching hole in the motherboard, and *nowhere* else, even if there are still holes left over on the wall of the case. Then, use the correct-sized screws that came with the case to screw down the motherboard onto those standoffs.
  3. I only got a new case. Nothing else. I double checked every connection to be sure that it is all right. I mounted the motherboard on the brass standoffs only in the places that receive my motherboard. As I said before, I have done just about everything I can think of on that computer to make sure everything is working properly, and it is. All except the internet. Can there be one specific thing that would cause this, or could it be just a freak Mobo surge that only is making the internet malfunction?
  4. I didn't get a new motherboard, why would I need to install the chipset drivers. But if I need to do that, how would I install that if I have a stock motherboard that doesnt have any driver discs?
  5. You shouldn't have to install any chipset drivers, as they should already be installed.
    The good news is that you don't have a hardware problem. I can think of two possibilities:
    1) When you plugged your USB network adapter in, you didn't plug it into the same USB port as before, so Windows somehow recognized it as a new/different adapter. At that point, you need to insert the driver disk/CD that came with the adapter and let Windows load the driver(s) for the adapter, then set up the network connection parameters again. Similarly, connecting directly to the cable modem, you're being asked to set up the network connection parameters again.
    2) Windows has become corrupted - at least part of the network drivers/modules are damaged or missing. You might try a "repair install" of Windows to fix this.
  6. Ok tried going back into my Lynksis driver folder and reinstalling it. That did not help. I still was getting an unknown device. I also copied the drivers onto a disk from another computer (i don't have the original disk that came with the device) and when I went to load them on my computer it would not recognize the disc as having any information on it. It was treating it like a blank disc and I could not view the folders. I might try to repair install windows. Is there a way to do that without any windows repair disc. My computer did not come with one.
  7. I did a system restore back to before I changed anything, and that did not help. Can someone please explain what a "repair install" might be and how I would go about performing one. Like I said I do not have any disk for windows.
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