Motherboard HElp!!!??

For SLi configuration, do you need a special Sli capable motherboard or will a normal one with 2 pci express slots be enough??
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  1. Posting your MOBO would help to answer your question better. Some older(and cheap model) MOBO's had 2 pci-e slots but were not necessarily sli capable.
  2. i am planning to buy i have to decide which one to go for..
  3. What MOBO do you have and or looking at???
  4. You pretty much need a motherboard with an nVidia chipset.
  5. Ok that helps. Now your decision depends on graphics.

    AMD? You will need an Intel board.

    nVidia? Well, you will need an ..ahem.. nVidia based MOBO.
  6. ok, i am going for a quad 9300 intel....i have short listed three mother boards, Asus P5KC LGA 775 , Asus P5N-D LGA 775 and Asus P5N-E-SLI L775.
  7. Ok P5KC is for crossfire (ATI CARDS),P5N-D is for SLI with the 750i chipset, and the P5N-E is for SLI but with the older 650i chipset. I dont know alot about nVidia chipsets sorry! what graphic cards are you looking at?
  8. thanks anyway....i'm looking at the 9900gt
  9. So if you are going with nVidia and going to eventually use them in SLI, you will have to stick with an nVidia based MOBO.
  10. check out , also google/msn on the 750i chipset lots of info there to read
  11. thanks aloy guys.....
  12. cowboi what did you come up with??? if you dont mind sir
  13. i went for the Asus P5N-D LGA 775 based on the article you gave, thanks!!
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