Need help to choose PSU

Hi i am building a new rig with the following specs and i am confused about choosing psu

CPU:Intel E8200 wil be OCed to 3.8 Ghz if possible
M/B:Gigabyte P35-DS3L
RAM:2x1Gb Patriot 800LLK(Low Latency kit 4-4-4-12)
HDD:Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 32Mb Buffer 500GB
DVD/RW:HP 1070i
FDD: 1
TV Tuner(DVB): Compro Videomate S300
VGA:Gigabyte 8800GT 512MB core clock@700MHZ Memclock@1900 (NX88T512HP)
Cooler:Tuniq tower 120
Also my case has 1X(250x250) mm silent fan and 2x(120X120) mm and 3x(80X80) mm fans and front panel LCD
these are my specs and because i live in Iran i have limited choices on PSU the most common used psu Brands In Iran Are
Green,OCZ, Cooler Master and Acbell below is the link to the Green PSU site can you please help me to choose a model BTW i am low on budget so i need the Price performance not the most expensive one thanks in advance
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  1. The Green ones that are 80+ rated should all be decent power supplies since they have to have good efficiency to get that rating. I would choose either OCZ or Green of those brands, and you would want something in the 400/450W range for your system.
  2. @Gravemind123
    thank for your reply man So in your opinion "OCZ StealthXStream 600 watt" will do fine considering that i will OC my CPU,RAM and also my VGA it is about 100 USD here.
  3. Although the StealthXStreams have some minor issues, they shouldn't occur on your system and given your limited options on power supplies it will do a find job of running your system.(the issue I'm referring to is high voltage ripple under full load, but your system won't ever reach 600W anyway.)
  4. great so this will be my first option the second one is GREEN 680B that is about 120 USD and have more cables than OCZ but i am not sure about specs and quallity and i was wondering how much power my system really needs?
  5. Your system would probably use under or about 400W at full load. My desktop of Core2Duo E4400, volt-modded 7900GS, 1 DVD-RW and 2 hard-drives is running on a 350W power supply at the moment without issues.
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