help hybrid crossfire 780g and 3450

i just built a new htpc and i have a gigabyte 780g motherboard and a sapphire 3450 videocard and i cant figuer out how to do crossfire. in device manager both of the video cards are showing up. in the catalyst control center theres an option to enable crossfire but it doesnt do anything. the catalyst control center doesnt say anything about the 3200 video card. i really need help i couldnt find any help on ati's website or on google. this is my first time doing crossfire
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  1. First off, do you have Vista? Hybrid only works on Vista. I'll go look up the exact directions to enable it and post back in a second.
  2. Tom's seems to think it is pretty straightforward like you said. I'm not sure what's wrong. Try reinstalling the drivers and such. I'm not sure what's wrong.,1785-7.html
  3. yes i do have windows vista 32bit

    i downloaded gpuz and it detacted both of the videocards and it said cross fire supported but disabled. so i enabled crossfire in the catalyst cantrol center agian. then gpuz just said crossfire disabled and now the catalyst control center wont open because of a driver. so i will reinstall drivers again and see what happens. i would think there would be a way to enable crossfire in the bios somehow. im new to the dual gpu thing

    srry but my spelling is kinda noobish

    thanks in advanced
    my head hurts
  4. Try enabling AI in CCC
  5. Well, dual GPU has always worked fine for me, but I've never tried GPU and 1 IGP.
  6. well i got it working and honestly i dont know how i did it. but the system is working great and thanks for your help
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