Random crashes on Desktop/Mainboard at fault?

Hey and thanks for the help in advance:

I have random freezes in windows... Sometimes to black screen,
sometimes just freeze... Sometimes with audio screeching, sometimes not...

Now the weirdest thing: As I reboot, I sometimes got the "Boot Block trying to
read bios from harddisk", suggesting a bad bios to me. Around 1 in 3 times.

It happened first time over-night, when I checked it this morning screens were
black and pc running but crashed... Now it crashes between 5-25 Minutes after
I boot, eventhough it's been real hot the last few days and is cooler today for
the first time...

Whats going on? How can I pinpoint my mainboard as the culprit? Is that a
common problem on the Gigabyte p35 ds3r? If it went tits-up, how do I fix it?

2x1gb ocz ram
p35-ds3r gigabyte mainboard
intel quad

PS: I had bad RAM TWICE over the past 4 months, with new modules used all 3 times... Always the same OCZ model on warranty. Maybe that's relevant somehow.
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  1. Try setting the Bios to safe or default mode.
    If can take fans / heat sinks out and give them a good dusting/cleaning
    Make sure in Bios that CPU fan has failed warning system is turned on
    Over heating system could be a result of an inadequate power supply
    Case fans should be drawing ‘hot air’ out from the PC Case housing, not blow cold air into the system, this will just trap warm air against the motherboard / CPU
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