Slow boot, new issue.

A little history:

In the past, the time between the Windows XP start-up screen (with the logo and progress bar) and the opening of the Windows logon screen was 3 to 5 seconds. It is now almost a minute.

This all started after I was flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and a scenery issue locked up the computer. I was flying in autopilot and was not at the system. The system remained locked up for several hours. I shut down the system (the only way to recover in these instances) and ever since, I experience the very long delay before the Windows Logon screen opens.

At another forum I was aked to try certain things, deleting everything but windows required in MSConfig (no change), creating a bootlog, and reviewing the Event Viewer. I did all these and then got no coherent reply from the forum I was using. At one point someone said "What's a minute delay...does it all work?" If I had had this delay from day 1 of my XP install, I would agree. But, this is new and indicates "something" has happened. I am not comfortable not knowing what has changed.

So...I would like to try again here, instead of a 3D gaming forum, to try and figure out why I am experiencing this new delay in the start up process.

Any help, guidance or suggestions are appreciated.

Victor Buck
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  1. Maybe the Xp prefetch is messed up.

    Below is a link to a process of fixing that.
  2. tigsounds said:
    Maybe the Xp prefetch is messed up.

    Below is a link to a process of fixing that.

    I tried the items mentioned in your joy, I'm sorry to say. I keep thinking that the fact this all started after the incident with MSFS, stated above, is some kind of clue?

    When I'm flying MSFS, 3 things are usually happening, FS9 is running (of course), I use Real World Weather updated every 15 minutes (this goes online to a server to download updated weather every 15 minutes. This is part of the FS9 program) and I have my Virtual Airline's ACARS system running (this sends position, speed, altitude, Etc. for my aircraft, to my Virtual Airline and is not part of FS9). These 3 were running at the time of the FS9 lockup. As I said the system was locked up for several hours...this is unusual as I'm usually in front of it when it decides to "bite the dust".

    All that being said...I have no idea if it plays into the current problem.

  3. I'd try the basics, just to to get them out of the way.

    Run chkdsk /r
    Defrag the disk.

    on the side...
    I run MSFS 9 just for play. You seem to fly seriously.
    The flights can be quite "amusing" if you play with the aircraft.cfg for various planes.

    fuel_flow_gain = 0.002 //Gain on fuel flow
    inlet_area = 19.6 //Square Feet, engine nacelle inlet area
    rated_N2_rpm = 29920 //RPM, second stage compressor rated value
    static_thrust = 23500 //Lbs, max rated static thrust at Sea Level
    afterburner_available = 1 //Afterburner available?
    reverser_available = 1 //Thrust reverser available?

    Give about 3 times the static_thrust and see what happens.
  4. Tigsounds' Prefetching idea sounds good. XP does a lot of that at the beggining. If this is screwed up due to some improper shut down then maybe a solution in that area is required.

    Have you tried a program that cleans your Registry? I've used Regsitry Mechanic in the past. It's pretty good at removing cobwebs. Now my XP always takes the same amount of time to load. My hard-drive is not that old, so there's no need to defrag it or do a check-disk just yet.

    If the game locks up, it probably waiting on something. A bug in the program could mean that instead of timing-out, the game goes into an endless loop. If that happened on my system, it'd be 'coz ZoneAlarm firewall blocked it with some popup (do u want to allow X to connect to the web?)

    My last advice is that, given it's been a year of searching, don't you think it's time to re-install Windows? It's a pain in the a** but hey, if the problem continues and you don't know how to fix then maybe re-install everything. And this time, try visiting MSFS website for patches or bug information. If you can't trust Microsoft Windows to run smoothly, why would you trust their Flight Simulator to be any better?
  5. 1. Turn on your computer, and hold down delete.
    2. In the BIOS window, look for the Boot Menu option.
    3. Choose the QUICK BOOT to turn off memory test
    .4. Make sure the hard drive comes first in the BOOT ORDER.
    5. Turn off any logo displays.
    6. Restart
  6. I'm not really ready to do a re-install of XP, at this point...60 sec. boot delay vs. 2 weeks of installing, re-configuring, etc. etc.
    I would have to suffer much worse than a delay on boot for that to happen. And if it comes to that, I'm going with Windows 7 anyway.

    Ricky_C...wouldn't the memory test happen before the Windows loading screen...not after? My delay is between the Windows XP loading screen and the Windows user logon screen.
  7. Try MS User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

    has helped me with similar issues in the past.
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