HP Officejet All In One drivers 6500 to work with Windows 7

Are there any up to date drivers for HP Officejet 6500, that will will work with windows 7. I haven't had this printer that long, and have new laptop with windowas 7, and now the printer won't work. I will printer and scan picture etc. can print it, but you cannot save it into documents and I cannot use fax anymore. It is not a wireless model. I can't afford to go out and keep buying printers everytime computers are up loaded with new Micrscoft products. I have tried HP, keep telling me warrenty is expired. I can't believe HP doesn't keep their up grades to date. I canot afford to buy new printer at this time. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. I couldn't find anyfor my printer, so gave up after all these months and went out and bought a Kodak All In One printer, was on sale at Walmarts. Please so far with it, only thing I don't care for it it being a "TOP Loader" for paper. I am use to bottom feed printers. I am tried of HP products, am willing to try others at this time. Tk. u.
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