New build suddenly died, won't start now

I built my computer a few days ago, everything seemed to be working just fine for about 24 hours. I hadn't done any fine tuning to anything as I have been busy with work. Anyway, last night I came home and sat down to play wow, I was hooking up my headphones, I decided to use the back ports as I wasn't 100% sure the front ones worked yet and I was in a hurry so when I was reaching down doing this my whole computer turned off, no beeps so nothing, I didn't even realize it turned off until I sat back up and saw the no signal msg on my monitor.

I immediately tried to turn it back on and nothing at all happened. I unhooked it and opened it up. There are two lights lit up on my motherboard, so I think there is power from the psu. I have yoinked everything from my computer and reinstalled it, still nothing. I have searched this forum most of the night and can't find anything quite like this. I have read articles that say it might be the power button on my tower but that wouldn't explain the sudden power failure.

My specs are:
eVGA nForce 780i SLI ATX mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 ghz w/ 6mb cache
XFX GeForce 9600GT XXX edition 512mb 700m
OCZ 4gb pc-2-6400 platinum ram
Western Digital 500gb SataII 7200rpm 16mb
Windows Vista home prem 32-bit w/ SP1

The salesman talked me into buying a case stocked with a psu rather then buying both seperately as it would save me some money....I'm hoping this is not the root of my problems! It is a Antec Sonata III w/ Earth Power 500w psu, he said it would work like a charm with everything I purchased.
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  1. i would bet that the power supply isn't adequate. I would definately go pick up a 750watt replacement and test it to see if thats your problem.
  2. Nah the 500w earthwatts should be plenty for that system. I would first check for grounding by taking your whole system out of the case and putting it together with a large piece of cardboard and your motherboards antistatic bag, just set the mobo on top and then put your system together like normal and set the PSU off to the side and see if it fires up. That will rule out a case grounding issue. Just out of curiosity though... do you have a spare power supply to quickly swap for a test without taking everything out of the case?
  3. Do not use the anti static bag as recommended. Just install everything on top of the motherboard box no bag. Use the bag for placing items as you remove them formt he system, but not for assembling.

    That's a start. It could be anything.
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