Intel e8400 + Biostar TPower I45: 5ghz on air?

So for xmas i decided it was time for some computer upgrades and got myself the "world record holding" Biostar TPower I45 along with Intel's champion e8400. I also got a 4Gb set of gSkill 5-5-5-15 1066 mhz ram to support my efforts in overclocking my new toy. I feel like i'm sort of out of touch with all of this stuff so i have a few general questions that i think any owner of an e8400 could answer:

I have one of those big fancy Zalman coolers and while i'm no pro, I think i've seated it very well on my chip with good ole' arctic silver 5. The very first time i put in my new mobo and chip, before installing any of the motherboard drivers, SpeedFan told me my core temp was 26c idle. Within a few hours after installing all my drivers and whatnot my new idle temp is around 35-38C. Is this because the sensor reads bad temps until I install the mobo drivers? Or could something have happened to my heatsink setup? I checked it again and one side of the mounting piece that sits on top of the motherboard had came out but somehow the heatsink was still making good contact with the chip, thank god i didn't fry it a few days after i got it. But even after screwing it all back together, the idle temps are still the same. But my real concern is my load temps. After a few minutes on 100% load (both cores) their temps get into the 70s. This certainly seems atypical so i was wondering: what are good load temps for these processors?

Now, on to the fun stuff: the overclocking. I should have mentioned before that all these temps are with my CPU running at 4.5GHz with a vcore that i'm not so sure about. In the I45 bios i have my CPU vcore set to +0.250 which I thought would yield a ~1.4 vcore, seeing as the default vcore seems to be 1.2V. However i could be completely wrong about that because CPU-Z is telling me now that my vcore is 1.25V. But anyways, I will admit i've only read maybe 4 threads regarding overclocking this chip, but everyone seems to be whining that they cant get over 4Ghz on air cooling. Well, I would like to whine that i can't get over 4.6 GHz. I haven't started increasing my bus speed by 1 to find it's limit but i can tell you this:

500mhz -> 4.5ghz = perfectly stable, havent had any problems
510mhz -> 4.6ishGHz = will post, will boot, i can run applications, but crashes after a few hours
520mhz -> 4.65something = no post

So i am wondering if anybody has had success in achieving higher speeds than this.
Another thing i'm wondering about is that in my bios, i MUST leave the option enabled for my memory timings to be assigned by the SPD. I can set it to manual and loosen them all i want, for example i tried 6-6-6-18 but no matter what, my computer will not post unless I enable timing by SPD. I'm really annoyed by this because my bus to ram clock speed (i know thats not the right term) is 2 so my sticks are at 1000mhz. At bus speed 530, my ram speed would be 1060 mhz aka what its rated for, yet i can't get a post.

So any advice on how to squeeze another .5ghz out of this chip would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Use Realtemp for the temperatures on Wolfdale, forget about your MB drivers or anything like that.

    5GHZ forgert about it, impossible if you dont have Liquid Nitrogen.

    4.5 GHZ on air, i REALLY DOUBT the stability. What is stable for you? Stable is running Prime95 for more than 12 hours Small FFT test on both cores. You will see it will get you errors. I really doubt you will get more than 4.2 on air and keep that thing "Stable" as you mention.
  2. Word no way your hitting 4.2ghz on Air

    Post some screen shots with Real Temp, Speed fan is normally off by 15C on Core Temp. (if anything your probably are frying the crap out of your CPU)
    along with a 12 hr Prime95 with CPU-Z Screenshots or no one is going to believe you..

    +1 if you also validate your CPU-Z.
  3. hey thanks for the quick posts. i dont know why but something inside me has always hated prime95, probably because it always disappoints me. At 4.5 ghz it found an error in a few minutes, so it's obviously nowhere near stable. I'll try 12 hrs at 4ghz we'll see how that goes. In my old computer, I oc'd my e6300 1.8ghz to 3.1 ghz, it failed miserably at prime95, but i kept the OC and not once ever had a crash, sometimes going weeks without shutting off my box. In my daily computer use, i dont really do anything that stresses both cores to 100% for more than a few seconds, so i would think 4.5ghz is good enough to roll with? Also, i took my load temps with RealTemp when i said they were getting to 70C+. Ive noticed for the most part RealTemp and SpeedFan agree with temperatures withing a few degrees, however RealTemp updates probably 3 times as often. And i dont mean to sound like the biggest idiot in the world right now but how do i post a screen shot? the little picture thing asks me for a URL and i would prefer not to have to upload the pics somewhere.
  4. u would have to load the pix somemwhere and link it. even if ur comp doesnt' crash, it doens't mean its stable. i can take my Q9450 to 3.7ghz on air, but it wont pass prime95. no way am i going to use it at 3.7ghz unless i take the time to find the proper voltages and there is no way im going to let all the stress on the other components stay.

    if i were you, i would prime for 12+ hours to make sure it's stable. hitting high clocks with duos are nothing new, but getting a high one with safe temps and stability is something that should be sought after the most b/c the whole point of OC-ing is to find a good speed that is stable!
  5. its nearly impossible to get an e8400 anywhere stable over 4.5ghz, im running phase change and can only get it stable for a few hours at 4.6ghz with 1.6+ of vcore, your load temps are way to high, 4ghz should be stable tho,
  6. i'm at 9hrs of prime95 small FFT at 4.0ghz so that looks like it should make it. I'm not sure how i'll fix my load temp issue, i guess i can reseat for the third time. I think it's sinking in that i didn't receive some sort of blessed chip, i guess my hopes were way too high haha. This seems to have turned into every other e8400 thread so with that i'll say thank you gentlemen for replying and i will be on my way. I'll upload screenies when prime95 finishes.
  7. Your CPUz is showing your VID, that's why it's stuck at 1.25v. Go into the folder that CPUz is in, edit the cpuz.ini file. Edit this line: "sensor=1"
  8. Its very unlikely that you are at 1.25v@4500ghz. Download the latest CPUz 1.49 here:

    As you can see CPUz cannot even id your revision, it's blank. As stated either your CPUz version is showing you your VID only or it is bugged

    At that speed your vcore would more likely be at least 1.38v - 1.4v or higher.
  9. correct voltage is 1.46
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