Can I backup drivers from the system32 folder?

I am going to run system disks on my pc to start fresh and clean it out for my son. I have a Belkin Wireless G Network Card installed but I cannot seem to locate the model#. In regards to this and for future reference, can I copy the files listed in the details for harware in the device manager from the C:/windows/system32/drivers folder to a disk and use that to install later? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. You would have a days work cut out for you to get those drivers re-installed and registered again.

    There is a product (actually there are a few) that will make your driver backup for you.

    I use a product named Driver Genius that works better than needed. It will make three types of backups in the registered version, 2 types in the unregistered. The different backup types are:

    All drivers are saved to a zip file (works in unregistered trial version).
    All drivers are saved to a self-expanding zip file (works in unregistered trial version).
    All drivers are saved to an auto-install exe file (works in registered version only).

    Most people will find the self-expanding zip file is most useful for their needs as it will make a folder, named for the particular driver, for each driver. If the zip file is expanded into a master folder, it can be burned to CD making the Windows driver wizard find them quite easily later after a new Windows install.

    This program backs up every hardware driver in your computer, even the Windows built-in drivers.
    If you purchase the program, it will find latest drivers automatically and will make the auto-install backup.
  2. Wow!! Thank you so much!
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