External Hard Drive I/O Error

I have a brand new Seagate FreeAgent | Desk™ 1.0-TB USB 2.0 Drive

After backing up all my data, approx. 120 GB i shut down my desktop and after few hours i wanted to backup some more. but the drive is no longer accessible. I get 2 different I/O error every time i double click on my drive icon on both my desktop with Windows XP SP3 & Sony VAIO with Windows Vista SP2.
Please check Screenshots: Error 1 & Error 2

Some of the data in the hard drive was valuable so i used seagate's file recovery for windows and was able to recover the data. The complete contents of the hard drive were accessible for recovery via the software. but the hard disk still gives I/O error and is not accessible. I'm not concerned about the data as i already have it on my other drive.
I Want to format the hard drive and make it usable. Please help.

Anurag Ghorpade.
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  1. You have two possible failure sources - the drive itself and the USB interface. If you can, try to remove the drive from it's enclosure and directly wire into a computer. If it still fails, it's the drive. If not, the problem was the USB interface.
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