E5200 OCing: iso simple advice

please don't rip me on my build lol! Some of you will probably wonder why I matched certain parts, just understand that the reason is because I got a great deal on some of these parts.

CPU: E5200 (stock HSF)
MOBO: Biostar TP43D2-A7
GFX: Diamond HD4870 512mb
RAM: G.Skill F2-8000 4GB
PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET
wd 500gb hdd
antec 300 (2 case fans)

I've already bought the peices, some of them are currently on the way so there isn't much I can do about them now.

Many people have said my 400w psu is simply not enough for the rig, however a few people have adamantly stated that this build will run fine.

Heres my predicament. I heard that my cpu would have to run at 3.6 ghz to keep from bottle necking the 4870's 3.6ghz ram. (It sounds like it makes sense, maybe you could enlighten me)

So I've decided that I wan't my cpu running at 3.6 ghz, only problem is, everyone has told me that the psu is already at it's limit running my current parts at their current speed. I estimate I am at 280w with my current set up, and I suppose 80% psu load is acceptable. So if I increase my VCORE I should do it so I don't have a net wattage increase of 40w.

I've got a few more questions, but I think I'll ask them later, after hearing your opinions on the problem
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  1. I am going to tell you what other's have and you don't want to hear. You need a more powerful PSU. No PSU is 100% efficient, while quality units are rated at 80%+, you want to leave yourself a little headroom. As components within your PSU begin to age they loose efficiency. Increased heat and stress and running your PSU near it's rated limits will accelerate this aging. If your PSU is rated at 85% and you run it at 80% of it's capacity your risking that 6 months or a year down the road your efficiency will decrease below 80% which could lead to instabilities and damage components.
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