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So my girlfriend is interested in getting a new PC and she really would like a mini PC. She's almost ready to get Aopen's MP965-DR but shes also a photo and video geek, and she's really interested in using this for it. The problem is she wants to get a 24-Inch Apple Display for use of her photo and video stuff, and the resolution is 1920x1200. The MP965-DR uses Intel GMA dedicated graphics and I've heard problems with such a chipset having trouble displaying that resolution as I would expect it would so I was wondering since the Mp965-DR uses mobile components maybe there is anothe mini pc which uses something like a mobile nvidia or ati chip so that she can use her apple display. Any ideas or would I be better off trying to convince her on small for factor desktop built from scratch?
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  1. You could just buy cheap 40$ 8500GT and plug it in for resolution 19x12. Its not like you are going to game at the rez anyway right.
  2. the 3650 is very cheap too you might wanna consider that
  3. Yea but this thing is the same size as a mac mini, those won't fit in it. And even if you are reffering to notebook cards, the mini PC I'm looking at doesn't have a slot for one. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with GMA and if you can run that resolution without problem or if you know of a mini PC that has dedicated graphics.
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