Cpu Cooler Upgrade Recommendation Requested

It has come the time to properly overclock my system, instead of the "minor overclock" I have now.
Cooler Master Centurion 5 Case (Modified to have a 120mm PCI-E "exhaust" fan in lower left of clearview panel.)



Intel E6750 (Stock Cooler, Current OC from 2.66 to 2.80 using Link/Sync FSB 1.4k)


Evga 680i LT MB


4 x 1 GB Corsair Ballistix DDR2 1066 (4-4-4-12 timings at 700, MB limit of DDR2 800)


Enermax Liberty 500w PS


Evga 9800 GT video, 2 slot rear exhaust (1 6 pin power required, current overclock using EVGA Precision = core 625 <from 600>, Linked, Memory = 900, Fan speed 60)


Asus 18X IDE DVD burner with Lightscribe


4 x 320 GB Seagate Barracuda Sata 2 HDs


Onboard sound

1680x1050 resolution (Display and gaming)
Windows XP Pro, 32 bit, Service Pack 3
I need recommendations on what cpu heatsink/fan I should purchase. (While they are on sale due to the introduction of the Intel i7s, before aftermarket coolers are harder to find.) My requirements are as follows:

1. Fits in my case.
2. Doesn't require the removal of my MB. (Thus, uses Intel "push-pins.")
3. Preferred: "Tower heatsink with horizontal airflow" over "Stock heatsink with vertical airflow" due to my case's Front -> Rear airflow. (This is because I have animals in the house, and all air intakes...the front of my case...must be filtered. Due to this, the PCI-E rear case ventilation holes have been taped over.)
The obvious answer would be the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro:


But, many reviews are reporting faulty fans and Arctic Cooling refusing to replace them. As a result of this, I would prefer a heatsink/fan combo that will mount "standard case fans" where, in the event of fan failure, I can easily replace the fan without worry.

My budget for this upgrade is ~US $50 dollars after any mail-in rebates. (Including shipping costs.)

The point of the upgrade is to make my overall system be able to be overclocked in order to avoid purchasing an entire new computer in ~1-2 years in order to play "mainstream games at medium settings." And, again, to purchase said cooling upgrade prior to the point where good aftermarket LGA 775 coolers are difficult to find & higher priced.

Another video card upgrade will probably be done around Christmas 2009 (whether that is the addition of a second 9800 GT for SLI, or an entire new card.) The initial build of this system had a 8600 GT, which had a 2nd 8600 GT added for SLI mode about 6 months later. The 9800 GT upgrade occurred ~1 month ago.

Due to my wife's computer having the same processor, MB, & amount of ram (taller heatsinks due to use of Dominator ram), any recommendations for a "good vertical cooling heatsink/fan" are also requested. (Her case has a filtered side input with a removal tunnel for the processor.) Again, using the Intel push-pin design. Same budget for her "upgrade."

Thank any/all for your advice.
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  1. This web site with reviews can help you make a decision:

  2. The top of the Sunbeam hitting the side panel of your case, is that what you mean by not fitting? Or does it not fit because of the heatsinks on your mobo.

    Scythe is making good vertical cooling heatsinks, all with push-pins. Coolermaster too btw.
  3. I would go for Scythe however. They have more choice. Do you want to OC your wife's PC too?
  4. From JohnnyLucky's website link (thanks for that, I hadn't found it in my search), I have ordered the Sunbeam for my pc.

    I am not worried about the top of the cooler hitting the side panel of my case, as nothing is attached to the side panel in that area.

    I was going to choose the Scythe Mine Rev.B, but it has been discontinued. (And, this is the purpose of this cooler change. I know if I don't purchase the coolers now, the "good ones" won't be available anymore.)

    My wife's computer will also be overclocked for the same reasons as mine. (Not having to purchase a new entire system in 1-2 years to play mainstream games...) Video cards will, as usual, have to be replaced in time. (She is currently using a 8600GTS SLI setup.) But, that is to be expected in today's hardware market.

    I haven't chosen which vertical cooling cooler I will choose for her pc (due to the removable tunnel she has on her side panel.) But, I also haven't had the time to dig through Johnny's website for coolers of that type. (The coolers, reviews, pricing, etc.)

    My main point for my post was to see if anyone else had any experience with the 680i (or 680i lt) MB and what coolers they were using.
  5. I did find a review on Newegg's website stating that a user hadn't had difficulty with the Sunbeam on my MB, so that reassured me with the size issue.
  6. Scythe has other good coolers like the Mugen and the Ninja 2. Problem may be they hit heatsinks on your mobo because they are quite low and if they fit, it will be difficult to impossible to add a fan sometimes, because the heatsink can be surrounded by mobo heatsinks.
    I can understand you don't want to take your mobo out, but if want to get the really good and practical coolers, you will have to get it out because they mostly have a bracket with backplate. I guess you want a performance cooler which is always quite heavy, so push-pins aren't any good here actually. Because of the heavy weight, the cooler might lose contact with the cpu resulting in extreme low cooling performance.
  7. Take a look at the Coolermaster V8 or Noctua 120mm fan coolers.
  8. Due to the recent economy, and my position within the IT department of a medium-sized private company, staff workload (mostly mine) is increasing dramatically...

    So, I don't have the time to essentially rebuild my computer from scratch. I wish I did. :)

    Thanks for the advice though. My computer was my first "from scratch from components" build, and I neglected to think (or understand) that I would need an aftermarket cooler instead of the Intel one. My wife's computer was built shortly thereafter, again with the mishap.

    You live, you learn, you apply your lessons to the next build. (In a few years...)
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