Striker Extreme / E6600 weird changing pitch noise

Hi there,

Just registered after spending sometime trying to find the answer to my question, which I wasnt able to get.


Got Striker Extreme, with intel e6600 on it, 4gb ram, geforce 8800 gts, 600w psu.

Recently started hearing noises :kaola: from my desktop. Its quite loud high pitch noise, changing pitch depending on acctual load i'd say. At the beginning thought it was the graph. even contacted evga, they responded quickly agreeing 2 exchange the card, but somehow i never sent it.

forgot it for sometime and just couple of days ago the sound became lauder. since i found spare graphic card, thought i am gonna check if thats the problem. Guess what... noise still there.

After ripping out whatever i could from the box, changed the pci-e slot of my geforce so i got some more space btween graph and cpu, it turn out that the sound is comming from under the fan. well generally it wouldnt be the fan itself as i replaced with another one and noise is still there.

so now, i am trying to figure out if it is the Cpu or striker? would you know if thats something that can get fixed the good old DIY way ?

well i could probably live with that but looks like the performance is generally gradually dropping so I thought it may be the reason as the pc is just 12 months old (i know, i know .... 12 months for some people... that would be 2-3 pc)

thanks for help!

ps. really sorry if someone posted that b4 me, i did tryied to find it but cant see anything
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  1. Sounds like a bad capacitor.
  2. capacitor?

    .... it's gonna sound lame ;P is that on cpu or mb??
  3. your mobo has the capacitors.

    Can you test your CPU on another Mobo to be sure? If so, then add each component 1 at a time to see if any of them are the problem.

    I would guess through my own experience with a striker extreme that the problem is with it, although a high pitched noise SHOULD not come out of anything other than the case fan.
  4. The sound you are hearing is coming from the inductors on your motherboard. This is quite normal and should not degrade system performance. Windows systems just naturally slow down over time as you install / uninstall things. I usually format once a year to get back up to speed.
  5. I am gonna see if I can check the cpu somewhere else. As to reinstalling windows, mine is new every 2-3 months, both of them to be exact (win xp 32b , vista 64b) they both seem to be really poor or its probably just me wanting more out of it,

    anyways if its gonna turn out that its not the cpu, would u reckon is there anything that can be done to get rid of that sound? its just really annoying and gets quite loud sometimes.

    i know i shoud probably post that somewhere else,
    but if i was to change the mobo and cpu what would ya recommend? not the Toppest of the top end but decent ?

    the rest of the specs i got..

    4x1gb team 667 memory,
    (just) ata wd2500,
    old audigy se,
    600w psu
    gf 8800 gts 640mb,

    plus of course striker and e6600.

    oh and btw (thats another one out of topic) would i get much better having sata drive?

    thanks u guys, much appreciated
  6. I agree with roadrunner. I had a cap blow in a psu and it whistled for a few days before my pc quit working. After swaping parts and finding the psu to be faulty, I ripped it apart and noticed two bulging capacitors.
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