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What are the dangers of Ebay and Chips?

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May 16, 2008 2:08:27 PM

I am in the market for a QX9770. I have been searching for the best price and have noticed several posts on the infamous Ebay for prices ranging from 800-1,500 dollars. Is there some way a person could alter an older chip and make it appear as if it was the correct CPU? Could these be cheap knock-offs or am I just being paranoid. I am not a fan of retail, but I am concerened of being ripped off. I am planning on using a credit card so that I will have some protection.

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May 16, 2008 2:24:16 PM

I'd be happier getting it from a shop on ebay.

If you're buying from a seller and can pick up, that'd be better.

Ask as many questions as you can, if the item's not real the seller will get flustered and may even vanish!

Volunteer to pick up even if you don't intend to. My mate told a seller was going to pick up the 4 Wiis he found on eBay and the seller never got back to him.

Check feedback and what items the seller has sold in the past.

Check his reason for sale is genuine.

Erm... I think that's the most of it!

You buying "new" or used


try to get a photo from a different angle to those shown, to prove they actually have the chip.

if there's no photos on there profile ask some complex stuff, stepping, architecture etc.
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May 16, 2008 2:31:20 PM

*Slaps hand


Don't buy parts from eBay.
Buy them from a reputable shop with a real return policy.
Why are you going to spend $1500 on a CPU anyways?
You would be much better off with a lower (read: cheaper) model and some overclocking.
For about $220 you can have a new boxed Q6600 with a 3 year warranty.
Easily goes to 3.2GHz on air with even a mid range motherboard.
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May 16, 2008 2:51:11 PM

What are the dangers of Ebay and Chips?

they have gone cold by the time you get them.

May 16, 2008 2:52:33 PM

Those are good suggestions, but I really like having the 1600 fsb, 12mb L2, and the new 4.1 stepping. I figure it would last a couple of years and is updaing my Alienware from the pentium 4 965 at 3.73, I am going to buy an x48 Ga-x48-dq6 from Gigabyte to pair with this cpu.
May 16, 2008 2:53:30 PM

Also I want to invest in the new Velociraptor drive
May 16, 2008 3:02:57 PM

If you shop around on eBay you can find some really good deals. I have bought a few items that way for customers that needed new but outdated parts. I picked up a great deal on a socket 939 X2 4800+ just a couple months ago. The online stores are best but you still must compare prices with other sources before buying. Here is an example of what you have to watch for:

This item is listed today with one of the eBay online stores. 1 Koolance spring wrap for 6mm tubing.

eBay online store: New Home Gadgets price $16.18 plus $14.38 for shipping. Total price $30.56 for one unit.

Koolance direct buy: $1.99 plus $4.56 shipping. Total price $6.64 for one unit.

So you see you do have to watch what you buy on eBay vs what you can buy it for at other places. If your going to deal with a person on eBay for an item as one reply said ask questions, check there rating and make sure they will refund money if DOA. Also use Pay Pal for eBay if you do somehow get a bum item then if you get no satifaction from the seller you can go back to Pay Pal and file a complaint and most times they will refund your money by taking it back from the original seller.

Outlw669, there are many people out in the world that do like to build there own computers but don't want to or have a clue of how to overclock a system. They simply want a system they can turn on everyday and not expect problems with but still has a fast cpu speed. There is far more involved than just sticking it in and expecting to get a great overclock out of the box. One weak link in the system and there pulling all there hair out wondering why they can't get it to do it.
May 16, 2008 3:36:17 PM

sorset said:
Those are good suggestions, but I really like having the 1600 fsb, 12mb L2, and the new 4.1 stepping. I figure it would last a couple of years and is updaing my Alienware from the pentium 4 965 at 3.73, I am going to buy an x48 Ga-x48-dq6 from Gigabyte to pair with this cpu.

Buy the bump the FSB to 1600 and feel proud of yourself for saving 100s of $$$
May 16, 2008 4:05:48 PM

I follow a simple rule when dealing with ebay. I never, ever, buy something electrical like a computer component. I also never buy anything that I can't personally inspect and verify its condition before I put down my money. Its just too easy to be ripped off.
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May 16, 2008 4:06:35 PM

It would be best to get a lower priced cpu, unless you have sooo much money you dont know what to do with it. If thats the case, buy the lower chip and pay me to overclock it for you and still save yourself hundreds of dollars.

You wont see a benefit in performance buying a 1500.00 chip to justify paying that much over a 200.00 ~ 350.00 chip.

In < 1 year you will be looking at the new chips and feeling very bad you paid 1500.00 for it. Theres always a chip that costs 1000.00 or greater and many have paid that price to only replace it in less than 2 years and stick it in a drawer or sell it on ebay for 50.00.

No one with more sense than money can recommend for you to buy the 1500.00 cpu.

Btw, for the QX9770 to be priced anywhere under 1000.00 on ebay is a chip that was bought, overclocked and most likely abused and they realised its not worth the price and are trying to get some of thier money back, I can assure you.

Im not recommending for you to never buy on ebay but if you decide to its best to buy cheaper lower end chips so its not such a risk.
May 16, 2008 4:26:08 PM

I'd only get out of manufacturing stock on ebay. I bought a 939 4600 on ebay which worked absolutely fine, but that was only because no other retailers were selling them. In general you can't get a good deal on new cpus on ebay only second hand.
May 16, 2008 4:41:23 PM

The only time I buy parts from Ebay is if I'm trying to get something outdated (old DIMMs, slot processors, etc). If its something new, people just bid beyond sense and wind up paying more than if they had just ordered the parts through Newegg or something. Usually.
May 16, 2008 4:42:23 PM

I have had no problems buying and selling computer stuff on ebay.. In fact I tend to buy computer stuff off Craigslist and resell it on ebay if the deal is right....

If I was to buy processor, I would probably buy it from someone with a lengthy history and a high rating. I then would check to see if they have sold something like it before and check out the review for that. If they have never sold a processor I would be leary. If they have never sold computer parts, I would stay away.

But someone with a rating in the multiple 1000's that sells computer crap I would buy from if I though things checked out
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May 16, 2008 5:23:15 PM

I have been very happy with buying computers and parts on eBay. I have made many purchases of everything from memory and tape drives to new Dell computers and used HP Printers. My 8 year old HP Laserjet 6P printer, that I purchased used for half the price of a new one, still works fine.

I had one bad experience with a defective part that did not work but PayPal made good for most of the price.

Always buy from high-rated sellers and use PayPal or a credit card that gives added protection.
May 17, 2008 12:39:09 AM

Most of the people telling you to get a Q6600 or Q9450 are jealous, or there is some other reason behind it.

Why should people buy a e8400, when you can buy a e8200 and clock it to 3.0ghz? You can use that argument for anything. If you do not plan on OCing the chip, then yes a QX9770 is a waste, as you are paying for the unlocked mulitplier.

If you HAVE to have an Extreme chip, I would say get the QX9650, which is still a Yorkie, and set that baby to 4.25ghz. Arent going to be able to do THAT with a Q6600.