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quick question. i got a dvd drive for an older computer i have. it just had a cd burner in it. i just snagged


from newegg, a lite on

it was oem and i forgot that means no cables =P so i need to snag a sata cable/power cable. Thing is my systems pretty old, like 4 years or more i think. it might have been an earlier generation sata, will newer sata II cables work fine with it still? what kind does that dvd rom use? i was just going to get this from monoprice:


would that work fine? not sure if sata II is compatible with sata I or what the deal is. a hardrive sata cable and a dvd rom sata cable are the same thing right?
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  1. There's no difference between SATA 1.5Gb/s and 3.0Gb/s cable (note SATA I & II does not exist).
    So any SATA cable will work with iHDS118.
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