Needed a step by step help to overclock my new system

Hi there,

Can anyone provide me with a step to step overclocking on a i7 920? I'm a total newbie in this. I read some articles regarding this but i'm in total blur. Below is my specification, dont know whether is it ok for overclocking:

1. Cooler Master Black Label chasis, c/w a 850w m850 real power PSU, and a Hyper Z-600 CPU cooler.

2. Asus Rampage II Extreme m/b

3. Intel i7 920 CPU

4. Asus EAH4870 x2 Triple fan Graphic Card

5. Corsair Triple pack 1600 6GB ram, TR3X6G1600C8D

6. Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

7. Microsoft Windows Vista 64x

I've not done anything to it yet, wanting to know should i upgrade the bios first or after i install the windows. I'm planning just to overclock it to 3.2mhz or 3.3mhz. I'm a total dummy in bios. Anyone can help me with this? Or maybe kind enough to give me your msn so we can discuss about it? Thanks a lot. =D
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  1. Sigh. Not the way we expect someone to ask for help. We sort of expect you to at least try to do some of your own research.

    Google is your friend. When I googled "overclocking i7 920", I got a bunch of hits. Once you have read through whatever seems relevant, if you have questions, ask.

    We will be glad to help. But you gotta' try first.
  2. Sorry but i cant find any pages that really teach ppl how to overclock to 3.2mhz, all were up to 4mhz or 5mhz which i dont think the power will be the same T_T
  3. You do the same thing, just not so much of it. Just because a given CPU, memory, and motherboard combination will run at 4.0 GHz does not mean that you need to. Either way the process is the same. You start off at the stock speed, increase the settings to bump up the CPU speed in 100 MHz steps, and either stop just under the point of instability or where you want to.

    You should not exceed Intel's maximum vcore recommendation for the CPU and keep your core temperatures under Intel's maximum recommendations. (My self-imposed thermal limits are 70 C.)

    You do not just jump from the stock speed to your goal.
  4. +1 jsc

    Read this. Someone else posted the same thing, if you looked at previous posts, you wouldve found it.
  6. thanks guyz

    would like to ask is it safe to use the CPU LEVEL UP in my bios to 3.2mhz?
    are there any other settings to do to make it perfect?
  7. Please read the STICKIES in the overclocking section. A little research on your own might cause the side effect of learning and gaining knowledge. So be extra careful.
  8. gigbyte mobo, but the basics are the same uncore. qpi, baseclock:
  9. lol i feel like an idiot because im running on E4700 at stock and this guys bought an i7 and doesnt know how to overclock... No offense by the way we all start somewhere i suppose the crdit crunch hit me harder then it hit you? and you may aswell get it a bit higher then 3.2 it cant hurt can it?
  10. Sorry can't give you step by step overclocking. But we can give you useless information.

    Your welcome!
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