Strange problems from Overclock @_@

I've been recently trying to overclock my motherboard, a MA69VM-S2, at 2.9GHZ(2.7 stock) I get strange ticks and or squeals and such through the speakers, sometimes it'll result in a system restart, but with the overclock i had it didn't, also a new thing is that when I'm playing games, the rendering sometimes becomes rainbowish in color @_@, Does anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it???
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  1. first, list your parts. ie: what brand and model is your mobo, cpu (include stepping if known), mem,etc.

    then, list what you want to achieve if known.

    then, list what you have already done. ie: increased the FSB from 333x9 to 400x9 and increased the vcore (or left on auto) to

    You can get a lot of excellent advice but in order for anyone to do so you need to provide basic info.
  2. well I have a Gigabyte MA69VM-S2(BIOS version F5) with Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 1 2GB pc2-6400 Supertalent 1.8v 5-5-5-15, geforce 7950GT 512mb ddr3, and IDE 160gb, and sata DVD drive.

    I'm trying to get a stable overclock at the highest possible frequency, I'm currently at 2.84GHZ with the HTT frequency at 1040MHZ, i increased it by using the multiplier in the bios up to 13.5 and fsb to 210 i believe. this is a stable overclock but anything over 2.87GHZ it gets quite unstable, I've also tried overclocking by putting the HTT link to 800MHZ, and then using the multiplier and the fsb, and at even 2.89ghz i started getting very weird rendering problems as in rainbowish looking blotches that show up occasionally, and I get weird ticks and squeals in the speakers, and sometimes followed by a system restart, so does anyone have any idea what's wrong and what i can do to get a stable overclock??Thanks in advance!
  3. I have never even held an AMD based system (I think I saw one in the store once long ago) but if this gigabyte board works anything like the x38 version then your problem might be the RAM. My x38 links the RAM to the FSB automatically so in order to get a stable OC on my INTEL I had to unlink the two. Everything worked fine after that. With your cpu frequency you do not need to exceed DDR2 800 so you might want to try to lock in the RAM at that before you start your cpu oc.
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