Scheduled Tasks

Set Kaspersky anti virus to run as a scheduled task at 08:05
-Entering my Win XP logon details / allow task to wake machine

I set Kaspersky Anti Virus to run a full system scan at 08:05 AM

I set my PC to boot at 8AM (using BIOS / Power management)

Problem is that when the PC Boots up it gets to the Windows Log on screen (as it should) but KAV doesnt seem to be able to run as Windows has not "logged on" yet.

How do I get the scheduled task to Run in the above scenario?

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  1. I don't think Kaspersky can log you in.

    The scheduled task assumes the computer is running "ready to go."
  2. If the PC is not logged on, the only way you can get Kaspersky to run is if runs as a service, or the scanning part you are trying to do can run as a service.

    Have you checked with the program manuals/support if it can do what you are looking for?

    If you are a home user and have some ditzy password like "password" you can set up the PC to autologon when it turns on, solving your issue. A weak password, and a PC inside your house, does not do much anyway for security.
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