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Hello all. I have an lovely system problem and I figured this would be the right forum to post it in ( if it is not please let me know where I should post it).

My problem is that my system will not post. I have a d-bracket in the back of the computer and the lights show that the last checkpoint the system gets to before it stops and idles is Testing the VGA Bios.

Now my system is an AMD AM2 Operaton 1212 (2.0 GHz) at 2.7 GHz, 4 GB of OCZ DDR2 800 RAM, an MSI K9A Platinum (Xpress 3200 NB SB600), an ATI X1950 Pro, and a couple of seagate hdd's.

Now when this first happened I basically stripped the system of all of the components the system doesn't need to post. So all that was left was 1 GB of Ram, the CPU, and the video card. Now the system still did not post ( so that rules out memory and any HDD problems because I also switched the stick of memory that was in for another and still nothing). Now I check my video card in my fathers system, and it posted just fine and he got it to the bios.

Now other than the CPU and motherboard, is there any other reason it would not post. And is there a way for me to tell which component died, of the motherboard and cpu, without me having to take out the CPU and test another one in it?

Thanks for all your help.
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  1. try borrow a power supply to give it a test in your computer, i had a problem with one of my old pc's and it wouldnt post like yours. I changed the psu and my problems disappeared.
  2. Set the speed to stock. All the PSU cables connected to motherboard and video card?

    Pull the video card and the RAM, leaving just the CPU, PSU and motherboard. System should fail the POST with a bad memory error (it's missing, remember?). Beep pattern (you do have a system speaker connected?) should be series of single long - about thee seconds - beeps.

    If not, problem is probably PSU, motherboard, or CPU in that order. Test by substitution.

    If you have beeps, add RAM and retest. System should fail POST with a single long and three short beeps indicating a video failure.

    Add video card. A good system at this point should generate a single short beep indicating successful POST.

    Then keep adding components one at a time.

    Those particular beep patterns are for Award BIOS's.
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