Question on my ECS A780GM motherboard

Since I got a AMD 6000+ with ECS Geforce 6100 motherboard combo, I want to change the motherboard due to its poor performance. I just got a ECS A780GM MB. Because it has 2600MHz FBS. However after installed I checked the system performance with 'CrystalMark'. The score is almost the same (even worst a little bit) with the old board (Geforce 6100). New board score is 101440, old board is 101757. Also CrystalMark result still show the 'system bus' is 1000MHz, not 2000MHz which 6000+ can achieve.

Could someone explain me why the new board hasn't improved? How should I do?

My system is:

Windows XP Pro
AMD Dual Core 6000+
4GB DDR2 PC6400 (4-4-4-15)
Radeon X1650 Pro

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Change the bus in the Bios.
  2. But the max system bus speed can be set 1 GHz only in Bios. Why?
  3. higher system bus speed is for phenom processor. higher fsb doesnt really matter with your cpu.
  4. i have the same mobo as you and an athlon X2 doesn't support higher than 1000Mhz. also remember that AMD posts their bus speeds in megatransfers, not megahertz. 1000Mhz=2000 megatransfers.
  5. Yeah 1ghz = 2000mhz HT. Only phenom supports 2600, actually the 9850 supports up to 4000mhz HT.
  6. The 780G is a media center board really, it's not great for gaming at all. If you want sli then go for the new nvidia chipset am2+ boards, if you want crossfire then go for the amd 790 chipset boards. If you're not fussed then the ga-ma-770-ds3 is a good budget board with pci-e 2.0. Though if you can afford the better board then the nvidia or 790s are the better choice for bios options.
  7. Thanks a lot! I understand now.
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