Overclocked q6600 still shows up as 2.4 in windows system

I have a q6600 cpu and a gigabyte ep35-ds3l mobo. I did before knock up my fsb and in the vista: Control Panel\System and Maintenance\System it showed up as intel q6600 2.4ghz 2.7ghz but then i just reduced it back to 2.4 till i installed my new heatsink. Today i knocked up my cpu to 2.7ghz and its not showing up on vista as such. When i go into bios the figures i put in the fsb are still there. Also i did flash my mobo today to get the latest bios.

Any ideas guys

Thanks in advance
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  1. need to turn off the auto overclocking feature and set your configuration manually from the bios, and whatever you do turn off energy saver, that will screw your oc royally
  2. My guess is that Intel SpeedStep Tech is doing its job. When you put a load on your CPU, I bet it jumps up to 2.7 when you check CPU-Z.
  3. since I have ddr2 800 i have my cpu set up at 8 multi with the mem set at 400 using the 2d setting which gives me a 1600 fsb running at 3.2 ghz. I set my voltage on my mem at 2v, set my voltage on my cpu at 1.35 volts. disable c.i.a.. set performance enhance to standard. set mem prifile to profile 1 or 2 depending on your mem. set mem freq latch to 2d if using ddr2 800 and to get 3.2 ghz set multi to 8. and yes I have speedstep enabled.

  4. and here are my temps so if you want to know
  5. well heres a quick screen shot if it helps:D

    also i got it running at 2.8ghz but i get a fatal error at 2.9ghz on core 0 when i run prime 95, time to up the juice?
  6. these settings I've set manually, turn off the auto overclock features, that's what is doing it.
  7. at the risk of sounding like an idiot how?
  8. like this

    motherboard intelligent tweaker in the bios
  9. which features in paticular do i disable?im sorry but im pretty new to this,
  10. intel speedstep is active as you can see on the cpu-z photo showing only a 6x multiplier
  11. vaj3000 said:
    well heres a quick screen shot if it helps:D


    also i got it running at 2.8ghz but i get a fatal error at 2.9ghz on core 0 when i run prime 95, time to up the juice?

    C1E or EISP is turned on in your BIOS. That CPU-Z shows your CPU multiplier is being dropped to 6x. That needs to be turned off for OC stability. :)
  12. i noticed that aswell. The multiplier is unlocked in bios though
  13. Basically I have the same motherboard that you do and speedstep is active on my system which really doesn't hurt the overclock. The bios screenshots I posted are to help you in setting up your system to overclock it. Set it up like I have mine and you should be ok.
  14. It doesn't matter what you have set in your bios, unless you turn off the energy saving option, while at idle it will always show 6 untill you start doing something then it will jump up to what you set in bios. If you turn it off while over-clocking it helps because you do get to see what the over clock setting are instead of the energy saving settings while at idle. After you get computer OC'ed then you can go back into bios and turn it back on.
  15. Thanx alot for your help guys. its very much appreciated. Thank you. On a side note i have my pc in a desk compartment. How badly would this affect my temperature if at all?
  16. Theres an inch and a half space on either side of the case and about 4 inches clearence at the top

    i also have some space at the back (about 5 inches)

  17. Ok guys ignore the above pics as ive just put my pc ontop of my desk. Here is a screenshot of my bios setting .

  18. what is your memory speed? we can get a better overclock then what you have currently. because with a fsb of 333 with a 9 multi you can get 3 ghz
  19. the actual memory im using is Corsair 4GB Kit (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Memory.
  20. actually on 333x 9 i get an error on prime95...i havent upped the juice so it may have something to do with that
  21. thats odd :S ive just notched it up and run prime 95 for 6 mins and the temps are 65, 61,61 57 on full load....is it wise to keep it on that or not:S
  22. temps in that range on full load are normal
  23. damn the idle temp has jumped to a stable 42,45 39 38
  24. lol its showing up as 3ghz on system info now:D
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