problems with my Radeon HD 2900GT

Since I installed my Ati radeon hd 2900 gt, I'm experiencing serious distoritions of graphics during gaming. Usually this are stretched textures, and the show up in just about every game I've played. I tried installing the newest drivers and flashing my bios but neither helped.

I'm thinking maybe this has to do with my motherboard a VIA PT880 Pro/ 4CoreDual-SATA2 which is only 4 lanes.

Is anyone familiar with this problem and know how to solve it?

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  1. I read a couple of reviews about your board on newegg and quite a few people complained about smearing graphics and about the board being picky about video cards. Do you have any other video card you can try? From what I read it might very well be the mother board.
  2. Have you installed the newest drivers?
  3. @ caamsa
    Yes, I've borrowed a Geforce 8800 and it worked without any problems on my motherboard.

    @ romulus47p lus1
    As mentioned before, i've installed the newest drivers for my videocard and flashed my bios.
  4. have you tried your vid card on another mobo?
  5. ya try a new mobo if the problem persists then its ur graphic card call the company u bought it from and they should take care of u and if its the mobo contact the manufacture and complain.
    May i ask how old is ur mobo and graphic card?
  6. Unfortunately, I don't have access to other mobo's. This card and mobo are about 2 months old.
  7. I'm sure a local computer store could check your vid card out for you
  8. I'm already pretty sure the problem is the videocard - mobo combo.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to fix it...
  9. Well its pur artifact right there. But if your mobo doesn't like that GPU, which is just weird, then I suggest googling your problem. That seems to work for me when I have a problem.
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