Dead monitor?

Well guys, I feel kinda dumb posting this, because I feel like one of those 80 yr olds calling tech support when their computer’s not plugged in, but here goes:

My computer (that’s been stable for years) has been giving me trouble since this morning. The monitor (Acer 22”W) says no signal. The computer boots, there are no abnormal POST beeps, I can hear WinXP booting, but I get no image on screen (even during the POST). I’ve checked the physical connection and I tried un/replugging it into the comp and turning it on/off – nothing.

I’ll try and plug the monitor into someone else’s comp later, but does anyone know if this could be an issue with my GPU (X800 XL) despite the lack of POST error?

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  1. I had a no signal problem a fw months ago, it turned out to be a bad video card. The Capacitors on the video card had blown out. I must have heard the last one pop when the video went out, and my monitor said no signal.
    I would suggest removing the video card and looking it over for signs of bad caps. Or other problems that can be found by a visual inspection. I have an old PCI VGA card that I keep just for testing, they are cheap and ca help with figuring out what the problem might be. But when the monitor says no signal it's a good bet that the monitor is ok.
    Always check all connections to the video card and monitor, just to be sure.
  2. LoL. it must be your vga to monitor cable/port. Your GPU is fine otherwise it won't boot.
  3. I've had it happen in the past where a video card went bad and everything booted up fine, but no signal went to the monitor, thus causing a blank (black) screen. Parts do wear out. Try the monitor with someone else's computer, as you already said you would do, and if it works there, then look to replace you video card. Fortunately, those aren't too expensive these days.
  4. A new driver from Windows update may cause a problem also.
  5. I would bet the video card died. If you have an extra one lying around try it. Video cards do go out, I have had one die on me. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. If your monitor is saying no signal then it is not likely the monitor since it is waiting for a signal. When it says no signal means it doesn't think it is connected to anything, which usually means your video card is dead. You might try making sure the power is connected to the video card if it has one and reinstalling it in the slot to see if that helps, other than that it probably needs to be replaced.
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