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I have a 5 year old Dell Inspiron 1525 and am using it to play Tekkit on(modded Minecraft) and was wondering if it is worth upgradeing to a Core 2 Extreme x7900 Mobile($100 from ebay new) 4 GB's of RAM specifically built for this computer($55 from Amazon) and a New 9cell Lithium battery($15-20 from Amazon). The total is about $170. So is it even worth upgradeing? Thank you for your help.
P.S. I can't Forget the specs!:
Intel T2330
112GB Hard drive
Mobile Intel 965 express Chipset Family(can't upgrade)
If anybody has any upgrade suggestions please let me know.
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  1. I would go with the items your planning to buy, just make sure the motherboard can support the new components.
  2. Ok. Also The Keyboard just broke and the connector pin connecting the keyboard to the laptop has just broke. So if you know how to fix it Please tell me! :)
  3. Are you located in US - I will look through my supliers' choices then?
  4. Yes I am in the USA. Thanks for looking
  5. In this post I will provide keyboard solutions, I can not recommend specific supplier. $ 23.67 $ 10.48 $19.98
    Plus shipping.
    Youtube happened to be the best for keyboard replacement tutorial, first video has good audio comments, second has stupid music.

    After watching both videos, I can change keyboard in 15 minutes.

    Next I am looking into compatibility of your parts.
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    You can use any of the Core 2 CPUs on 800 MHz or lower bus speed -- excepting the Extreme Editions. These max out at the T9500 CPU:

    X7900 benchmark is 1856

    T9500 benchmark is 1762

    Not such a big difference.

    This is your manual in pdf format

    Is it worth upgrading, difficult to say. If money are tight, probably yes.
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